The shape and length of our palms describe our personalities and tell what kind of life we lead. Also, different body parts can tell something about us. The fingerprints can reveal a lot about our character. A scientific study or patterns of fingerprints, dermatoglyphics, says that the patterns describe how we behave or what our instincts are.


These are the finger patterns:

The composite pattern – if you cannot notice a single pattern but a combined portion of it, then it is a composite fingerprint. The circles look like they form tidal waves and depict that you are flexible and adapt to different situations easily. You get along with people and work with them, but you may prefer to be a leader.

The concentric pattern – if the fingerprint is defined in inner circles, then it means that you have a very strong personality and are strongly determined to achieve your goals. You are self-centered and want to compete with others.

The imploding whorl pattern – if you have irregular loops than you can manage well while multi-tasking. You have lots of interests and enjoy being surrounded by friends.

Peac*ck eye pattern – it is similar to the peac*ck feather and show that you want to struggle through challenges of life and you are also very artistic. You impose charm and lead people with their creative ideas.

The press whorl pattern – if you have oval rings on the fingerprints then you have a great concentration power and are very cautious. You are great in handling deadlines and have a willing nature to strive in competition.

The radial loop – you are very independent person and want to analyze things. You are a rebel and can identify a character by meeting a person. You don’t care what people might say or think about you.

The tented arch pattern – you are a moody person and are outgoing, but at some points reserved. Your motto is being unpredictable and can also be very impulsive.

The variant pattern – you are very good at expressing your feelings and care a lot about the society, this makes you unique and despise if somebody cannot get justice.

The spiral whorl pattern – a specific center without a well-definite rings represent a person that is carefree. These people are passionate and have a lots of dreams and imagine themselves living in them. These people are also very sensitive.

The ulnar loop pattern – this shows that you are willing to go with the flow of life and also have laid-back personality. You want to be in a peaceful atmosphere and are gentle to the other people near you.