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Smelling candles come in various scents like vanilla, apple, chocolate, cinnamon, etc. They create a more calming atmosphere and spread a fresh odor in the room. This smell is very soothing and their glow is really pleasant to look at.


However, it appears that these candles have a negative side. Namely, Meghan Budden always burns smelling candles in her apartment, especially during the holidays. As she recalls, one day, she left her candles burning for six or seven hours. The following day, she noticed black spots on the inside of her nose.

This surprised her and she was even more surprised when she noticed that the nostrils of her child were black too! After seeing this, she suctioned the child’s nose and also tried to rinse it off with saline. According to experts, this occurred because when the delightful aroma of burning candles is breathed in, we’re actually inhaling a long list of dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Among these chemicals is paraffin, a petroleum waste product used to make paraffin wax. The release of these toxins is closely associated with second-hand smoke. Moreover, these toxins are also present in the fumes of diesel fuel. In fact, artificial scents are used to create the aromatic part of a candle, which causes emission of dangerous chemicals during the burning process.

Unfortunately, the wick of a candle can also be harmful. In the past, wicks were made with lead, which is dangerous and toxic. In 2003, these wicks were prohibited because of the plenty associated health issues.

In order to ensure “candle safety”, you should:

Keep the wick trimmed to one eighth of an inch

Avoid burning candles in breezy areas

Burn them only for the recommended time marked on the label

Extinguish the candle if you notice soot markings

If you’re a candle lover, but you don’t want to use such candles, don’t worry, there are more natural, non-toxic variants. According to experts, homemade potpourri, consisted of baked apple, orange slices, cloves, and cinnamon sticks is a far better and safer option. Nevertheless, if you want a room spray, you should try out the pumpkin spice room spray recipe.

All in all, before you buy smelling candles, make sure to check the labels for safe and non-toxic ingredients and burn them according to the instructions.