Dating In Your 40s – Awesome Tips


As one, who is in touch with a lot of single people, especially those over the age of forty, it has been noticed that they battle with similar problems. If you are dating in your 40s, we have this article prepared especially for you. As we have put together some awesome tips that will help you find your true love when dating in your 40s.

dating in your 40s

Dating In Your 40s

When you ask them what their problems in dating are, you tend to hear them reel out a number of problems. Some have tried dating online, and have not succeeded, or they have had little success.

Is it that those in their 40s are prone to date the wrong people? or Is it that they are turned off?

Recently, I asked some people in their 40s what problems they faced, and I got some answers back.

Before one can give out dating tips for persons above 40, one must have found out the problems that they face on a daily basis.

Problems When Dating In Your 40s:

#1: Very Few People Of My Age Are Attractive To Me:

This is a big problem that people within that age range face when they decide to date once more.

The people around their age may not be appealing to them. So, this is why it is common to see men and women in their forties, going for people less their age.

#2: Some Persons Want To Clone Their Exes

While dating in the forties, it is common to run into men and women, who want their new lovers to be like their ex; which is almost impossible, if not impossible.

#3: Many Want A Casual Hookup

Are you in your 40s, and you keep on failing in your dating life? There is a greater chance that you are running into those that want a mere hookup. Because many of them have gone through a nasty split, and do not want to commit.

#4: When You Find Someone That You Like But The Person Doesn’t Like You Back

It’s a common problem that many people are facing when dating in their 40s. You may find the person that you like, and the person doesn’t like you back because of one reason or the other.

Many of such reasons exist. It could be that you are living in a region, where there are not a lot of singles around but married couples.

Another could be that you feel old to be chasing a lover, or have been hurt too many times in the past that you are scared of being hurt again.

Many of these reasons abound, and now that we have highlighted some, we can go ahead to list great dating tips for those in their 40s.

Awesome Dating Tips When Dating In Your 40s

dating in your 40s
  1. Explore: Date A New Type Of Person

There is a great chance that in your forties, you wouldn’t want to date someone like your first lover because your hobbies and preferences have changed. And don’t try to clone your ex in your new lover.

Date a person that is out of your type, and you may realize that you should have explored a lot in the past.

  1. Meet the person early

You may have met a lover online, and you are thinking of trying to make it work offline. It would be a great idea to meet him or her offline, in a public place; early before you fall in love with an online personality that may be different from the offline one.

This will let you know if the connection you had for the person online will happen offline.

  1. Don’t live in the past

With social media, it is easy to track a former lover, and wonder how your lives would have been awesome if both of you had remained together. And this is one of the reasons many people could not get over their exes.

One dating advice for those who are dating in their 40s should never forget is that the past is the past.

Let it go. Don’t go about stalking your ex. You are hurting yourself, and stopping yourself from meeting a new person. When you meet a new lover, don’t expect him or her to behave like your ex. Don’t.

  1. Get out more often

This doesn’t mean you should always be a bar, waiting for someone to come sweep you up your feet. You can go to a cafe with your laptop. Or you can go to a museum, a bookstore, and so on.

While there, try to smile, and don’t place your bag on the seat closest to you. And it’s important to be more approachable that will increase your chances of meeting new people.

  1. Try New Hobbies

If you realize that you have always dated the wrong kind of persons, you may need to change some things.

This dating tip should not be ignored as dating the wrong person over and over againcan be discouraging. Before you commit into a relationship, it won’t be a bad idea to know the person first.

And if you keep meeting the wrong persons in the Bars, then you should start to pick up some new hobbies. That will allow you to meet different people of varying social classes, you can take up a hobby like a dance class, language class, volunteer group and so on.

  1. Has your routine changed?

It is one of the important dating tips for you when you are dating in your 40s. Start to get your routine changed. Don’t ever think that you are too old to start new things.

When you get to an event, and you realize that there are no prospects there, instead of staying at a corner to sulk; why not try and get contacts and expand your social circles?

This can go a long way to allow you to meet new people, and you may be lucky, you may meet the right person.

  1. What qualities do you want in a person?

When you are trying online dating, you may think of saying ‘yes’ to anyone with a job that is cute.

The truth is that if compatibility doesn’t occur in a relationship, it is doomed. You can try to seek other indicators that show compatibility.

What is their communication style like? Do you have to be the one that sends the message every time? Does the person tend to care? What are his hobbies? How does she treat others? These and more are important questions that should be answered.

  1. Are You A Priority To The Person?

You would think that once a person gets to his or her forties, he or she would stop lying, and keeping many relationships.

That’s not true. Most people live double lives a lot more in their forties than twenties; hence you have to be careful.

If that lover of yours has time for you only on Monday, or Tuesday, but never on weekends, your antenna should be up. You may be dating a liar and getting played.

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