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11 Signs You Are Way Too Good for Someone

Most people date the wrong person at least once in their lifetime. This is completely normal!

You fall deeply “in love” and can’t think of anything but that person morning, noon, and night. In the beginning, they can do no wrong in your eyes!

But as time passes, you start to feel a shift in emotions. You start to wonder, “Am I suppose to be with this person anymore?”

Maybe you didn’t see the signs in the beginning or perhaps you’re just use to dating total losers!

Whatever the case is, you need to be able to pick up on the signs that you are way too good for someone. The earlier, the better! You don’t want to waste any more time on someone who simply isn’t good enough for you!

Below are 11 signs that you need to move on, so you can find someone who is worthy of you and your uniqueness!


There is nothing more sexy than a person with a goal – and a plan of how they are going to get there!

Anyone can have an amazing dream, but it takes ambition and initiative to make it come true.

If you are a hard worker with a lot of ambition, you need to be careful because you could end up being someone’s meal ticket!

Your significant other may admire your work ethic for the sole purpose of knowing that you will support them and their lazy butt!

Note: I am NOT talking about couples who agree for one of them to stay home, while the other financially supports the family. This is a decision you have to make as a couple. I am talking about lazy individuals who have no goals or passions of any substance.

If you have amazing goals, but you are with someone who’s plan is to float through life with no purpose, you should probably lose them!

Otherwise, you will be choosing a life’s partner who will hold you back, not encourage you properly, not share any of the same goals, and selfishly pick apart your dreams. In the end, you will have nothing in common.

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Honesty and trust are the cornerstones to every successful relationship. Without them, the relationship will crumble.

Have you caught your significant other telling a lie or twisting the truth for their own benefit? Even worse, do they make you feel bad if you confront them?

If they are lying to you already, imagine how bad it is going to get as your relationship continues to progress?

Chronic liars will always manipulate and guilt-trip you – making you feel like you are the one with the problem!

Walk away! You are way too good for them. If you stay with them, you will get pulled into their toxic web of lies and become a victim of your own making.

Pro Tip: Exaggeration is lying. Exaggeration is often the first sign that someone is not trustworthy. Their stories are always embellished and their sense of reality is completely untrustworthy. If you see this, confront it! Their reaction will give you a good indication if they are worth trusting.

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When you accomplish something great or tell them a story about something amazing that you did, do they ALWAYS respond with a story of how they did the same thing – except better?

This narcissistic quality is very indicative that they are completely obsessed with themselves. They feel that constantly one-upping everyone will compensate for their total lack of confidence.

WRONG! All it will do is chase people away. No one wants to be with a friend or partner that is always making them look and feel inferior.

A lifetime of never having your accomplishments properly celebrated is an experience no-one should have to go through.

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In the beginning, everything seemed so amazing!

They gave you a proper amount of attention, you went on dates, you talked and laughed, you shared some interests, and you really thought there was a connection. But then it all changed.

The excitement and freshness of the relationship has worn off. And what is left is a feeling of necessity rather than a deeper love and desire. 

You now feel like you are the only one that puts in the efforts! They no longer share the responsibilities that come with the relationship. It is like they are totally use to you – in a bad way.

As resentment builds, arguments will become the new normal.

Talk to them and voice your concerns. If nothing changes, it is time to exit the relationship. Life is too short to live in a lazy, one-way relationship.


All the relationship books say, “Communication is the key to every relationship.”

That is true! But what happens when you communicate your concerns to your significant other and it goes in one ear and out the other?

You have a great conversation and you say everything you are feeling. Your partner nods, agrees, and maybe even agrees to change their actions! …and then, absolutely nothing changes.

This is called immaturity – and it never goes out of style!

The thing is, successful relationships grow when two people are willing to put in the effort.

If your significant other isn’t willing to change their ways, it may be time to part ways for good.

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Jealous and insecure partners have a bad habit of slowly taking away your freedom and independence.

If their jealousy is toxic, you will notice very quickly!

“Why did you give him/her a hug goodbye?” “You never wear your hair the way I told you I liked it. Are you doing it for him?” “Who would you rather date, me or him/her?” “Why are you hanging out with your friends tonight? I thought you would want to come with me.” “Why are you texting him/her? You know I don’t like them.”

Their jealousy will start seeping into every conversation and interaction. They will complain about your decisions and try to manipulate their way into your plans. They will make you feel insecure – like the problem is with you instead of them.

Confront this behavior as soon as you see it! If nothing changes, you need to run out of that relationship! 

Never let anyone stomp on you and your freedom!


Your job in the relationship isn’t to constantly defend them and their reputation!

If the people who are closest to you notice character flaws in your significant other, chances are they are true!

Note: I am aware that some friends and families can be jealous and possessive. This article is referring to the people who have always had your best interests at heart and would never intentionally hurt you or sabotage your happiness.

It is very likely that they are starting to notice a change in you. And your choice of romantic partner has everything to do with that!

You may be becoming more introverted or insecure. Or you may be becoming outspoken and passionate about subjects that only the other person cares about. You are allowing someone to sabotage your personality and change who you once were.

This constructive criticism should be a wake-up call! It may be difficult to hear negative things about the person you care about, but it may be the only way to save you from allowing someone to destroy your happiness.

Life partners defend each other when necessary! There are always jealous, vindictive, and cruel people out there who will speak negatively about you and your person. In those moments, it is completely find to defend their honor.

However, you shouldn’t have to defend their foolish actions or habits over and over again. Perhaps they aren’t good enough for you and it is time to move on!


Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t support your dreams.

Supporting a partner’s life goals is a critical component to every happy marriage! Without hopes and dreams, life doesn’t have a purpose.

If your significant other criticizes your dreams, but expects you to build up theirs, they are using you!

Chances are they are changing your goals, so they can look better or reach their own self-serving goals quicker. Some people aren’t happy unless they are raining on someone else’s parade!

Find a person who is excited for you and pushes you to become your best self! They exist!

If you notice that your dreams are falling by the wayside, maybe you need to consider whether your significant other has anything to do with it.

If they do, maybe your relationship should be put on the chopping block.

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The person you are dating should always be proud of you and want the world to know that you two are together!

But maybe they tear you down and make you doubt yourself. They subtly find a problem with your looks, style, personality, habits, interests, and aspirations.

Many times, it will come in the form of subtle comments, followed by, “Just kidding!” “Don’t be so sensitive!”

They compare you to other people – actors/actresses, family members, ex’s, etc. Or maybe they are a chronic flirt – even doing it right in front of you.

This is all unacceptable behavior and you do not need to put up with it. You are way too good for them!

The person you are with can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health.

If they make you feel insecure and unworthy, you need to get that toxic person out of your life!


When you are in a relationship, your romantic partner is usually the person you are the closest with.

Over time, if you realize that they are draining you of happy energy, it may be time to move on!

You may notice that you are no longer passionate about your dreams, you are insecure in yourself, and you find yourself second-guessing your decisions.

Trying to please someone who you don’t align with sucks the joy out of your life!

If they suck the joy out of your life, chances are you are way too good for them. Take a leap of faith and break it off.


No, I’m not talking about pulling a prank on you in public or occasionally saying something super embarrassing. It happens and you have to learn to laugh about it.

I’m talking about your partner not acting like an adult in public or making a fool of themselves. Saying something completely uncalled for, making a scene in front of other people, acting like they own you, or telling people private facts about you.

Once again, it isn’t your job to apologize for your partner’s bad behavior! If you find yourself feeling like you need to make excuses for their behavior, you are probably way too good for them!

Note: This has to do with the way they look, too! Don’t underestimate the power of physical appearance. If your partner looks like a total slob and you prefer to look classy, you may not be meant to be.

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